Boone County Trails System/BCFF

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Boone County Trails System-Fairgrounds & Fuller Park Loop

Organization Profile

The Boone County Trails committee consists of representatives from each of the collaborative organizations as well as interested citizens. This includes: Boone County Foundation Fund, Boone County, City of Albion, Boone County Development Agency, and Boone County Ag Society. The committee researched other similar projects and engaged expertise from civil engineering firms and local contractors. The committee is moving forward with hiring local contractors to save costs and support local business.

Project Description

A 2016 community survey showed that a recreational trails system is a top priority for this area. The Fairgrounds and Fuller Park Loop is the first leg of a multi-phased initiative designed to fulfill this need. A trails system in Boone County would provide a safer location for families and visitors to walk, jog, stroll their children, bike, and participate in other wellness activities. With help from our community members and friends, we can construct this first loop, which consists of a 1.8-mile loop in Albion. The trail width will depend on funds raised by March 1, 2018 as construction will begin as early as summer 2018. The trail will be: Concrete construction of 6-inches deep. Additionally, it will be either 6-foot or 8-foot wide, depending on funding and space available. Projected costs include: 6-foot wide at $260,000; 8-foot wide at $340,000.