Performing Arts Remodel (BCS)

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Performing Arts Remodel

Organization Profile

The mission of the Performing Arts Remodel (BCS) committee is to upgrade and enhance the performance gym used by school groups (band, choir, musical, speech, and one-act), the Albion Area Arts Council, and other Boone County community groups. Improvements needed in the Boone Central High School gym include: acoustics, sound system, lighting, seating, and storage. These improvements will be done in phases.

Project Description

Boone County has incredible musical talent found in adults and students alike. There is a long-standing tradition of successful vocal, instrumental, and stage productions within our communities. Thanks to the support of our patrons, new facilities are being built—this allows the 1953 gymnasium to be remodeled and showcase performers for all to enjoy.


Phase two will focus on improving various aspects of the 1953 gym.
Enhancements include:

1)  Mounted Stage Microphones - capturing spoken word, voices and instruments without handheld mics

2) Improved folding chairs - providing more comfortable spectator seating

3) LED stage lights - emitting less heat and covering a broader spectrum


Expected cost of these improvements is $21,000. Donations can be made at any Boone County Big Give event or deposit location, the Boone County Foundation website, or Boone Central Schools website. Checks can be made out to the BCFF-Performing Arts Remodel (BCS).


Listen to the improvements made thanks in part to the 2016 Big Give Donations and be ready to laugh during our community musical comedy: Hee Flaw 2.0, the Big Give kick-off event on Monday, November 27th and Tuesday, November 28th at 7:00 p.m.  BCS students and community members will perform in the Boone Central Schools 1953 gym.