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Organization Profile

The Boone County Foundation Fund (BCFF) is committed to inspiring the investment in the quality of life in Boone County. We serve as a hub for donors wishing to give locally, helping support key initiatives across our communities. We are focused on identifying key needs, and partnering with other area leaders to help move the county forward. BCFF initiated the Big Give in 2014 and helps underwrite the expense of coordinating the event. Each year the BCFF grants approximately $24,000 to local charitable organizations, and has awarded approximately $122,000 to support more than 35 Boone County organizations and initiatives. We are an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Communities Foundation.


The Boone County Foundation Fund gives donors an opportunity to allocate dollars to support needed initiatives in Boone County. In 2014, the Foundation's endowment exceeded $1 million, which allows the organization to provide even greater support for organizations and projects that support those who live and work in this area. And in 2016, the BCFF was selected to participate in a challenge grant opportunity through the Sherwood Foundation. The organization has been challenged to raise $200,000 in unrestricted endowment funds, which will be matched by an additional $100,000! Just imagine what an additional $300,000 can do for Boone County's future!

Project Description

Last year, we announced our participation in the Sherwood Foundation's Rural Development Philanthropy Challenge Grant. This means the BCFF has been tasked with raising $200,000 to receive an additional $100,000 in funds from the Sherwood Foundation! We've nearly met our goal, and with help from gifts during the 2017 Boone County Big Give, we have the potential to meet - and exceed - our goal! These funds will go a long way toward supporting key initiatives such as the Boone Central After School Program (Cardinal Kids Club), the Boone County Trails System, and so much more.