The Boone County Big Give is a concentrated awareness campaign to showcase area charitable organizations and their current needs. The event is designed to help put the spotlight on our local charitable organizations, making it easier for them to educate the general public about their services and benefits to the community and visitors. By working together, we can boost the awareness and support of the charitable organizations and intiatives that help make Boone County a great place to live and visit. The Big Give is underwritten by the Boone County Foundation Fund, which is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation.

During the Boone County Big Give, the public is invited to attend and participate in events hosted by participating organizations to learn more about what each one does and the people it serves. This includes a specific need that has become a priority for each organization. For some, this is funding for programming and for others, gifts are needed to help repair or replace equipment.

Although the Boone County Big Give’s purpose is awareness, the event does create an opportunity for giving. Donations can be made in person at any designated Giving Station (bank locations across Boone County, Rae Valley Market in Petersburg, Scot Daniels State Farm Insurance in Albion and Country Partners Co-op in Primrose) or at any organization event. Gifts can also be made online or by mail. However, to be included in the matching funds opportunity, gifts must be received by the end of day Saturday, December 3rd.

Those who are unfamiliar with the work area charitable organizations are doing, or who have never considered making a gift to support Boone County are encouraged to take a minute to learn about all of the good that’s taking place right here at home. Together we can make Boone County an even better place to live, work and play.


About the Boone County Foundation Fund

The Boone County Foundation Fund (BCFF), with an endowment of more than $1 million, exists to support the needs that are most relevant to this area and provides a charitable home for donors to allocate their dollars so that they, too can support Boone County, Nebraska. The BCFF is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Communities Foundation and serves these communities: Albion, Cedar Rapids, Petersburg, Primrose, Raeville and Saint Edward.


Gift Allocation

100% of each gift is given to the allocated organization. Donors mark which organization(s) they would like to support and all funds are provided to the appropriate group. In addition, a matching funds program is created using sponsor dollars. These funds are divided among the organizations based on the number of unique gifts received.


What Organizations Can Participate?

  1. Any 501(c)3
  2. Organizations with a documented tax deductible status (Legion, library, etc.)
  3. Non-Charitable
    • Become a sub-account of the BCAFF for funds raised during the BC Big Give (if the funds go to a charitable cause)
    • Be a member & participate in all activities EXCEPT for the BC Big Give