Frequently Asked Questions

Who is participating in the Boone County Big Give?

The Boone County Big Give invites verified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and others that are charitable in nature and are located in Boone County to participate.

How do I make a donation?

All checks should be written to the organization/project of your choosing. If giving to multiple organizations, please write individual checks per organization.

Donations to participating organizations can be made:

  1. Online here at
  2. In person at any of our allocated Giving Stations (bank locations across Boone County, Rae Valley Market in Petersburg, Scot Daniels State Farm Insurance in Albion and Prim Town Pub in Primrose). In person gifts can also be made during organization events at their respective locations.
  3. By mail: Gifts can be mailed to the organizations directly but need to include the memo: Boone County Big Give and must be received by or on Friday, December 4, 2015.
How much of my donation will go to the nonprofit?

The nonprofit organization(s) you choose to donate to will receive the full donation (100%), unless given online. Gifts received online will be less 2.2 percent cost for online processing through PayPal. The Boone County Philanthropy Council takes no percentage of your gift.

Will my donation be tax-deductible?

Yes. All organizations participating in the Boone County Big Give will issue you a tax-deductible receipt following your gift.

How does the matching funds opportunity work?

Thanks to generous sponsorships, each organization will receive a portion of matching dollars following the conclusion of the Boone County Big Give. For each unique gift of $10 or more, an organization is given a point. The organization(s) with the most points or most unique donors will receive the maximum match allocation.

In 2014, the organization with the fewest unique donors received just over $70 in matching funds and the two organizations with the most unique donors received an additional $2,000 in matching funds.

Can anyone attend the Boone County Big Give Wrap Party?

Yes! The public is encouraged to attend the Boone County Big Give Wrap Party to watch as the results are added up and totals are tallied. Enjoy visiting with our organizations, volunteers, sponsors and other guests as we celebrate the spirit of giving in Boone County!

Entertainment, food and beverages are provided.

Who is the Boone County Philanthropy Council?

The Boone County Philanthropy Council is a collective of charitable organizations who work together to enhance success. Ideas, resources and education are pooled to strengthen our efforts and broaden our overall reach.